The 5 Most Beautiful Places In Palembang

Palembang is one of the most beautiful cities of Indonesia, located in the heart ofSouth Sumatra. It is also the second biggest city on Sumatra Island. In the past the city was called Palembang Srivijaya and was one of the biggest Buddhist kingdoms in this part of Asia. The truth is there’s great number of incredible locations in Palembang and today we’re taking a look at the most beautiful and popular.

1. The Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge is the biggest bridge in Palembang and through the years has become a timeless icon of the city. Ampera Bridge connects the two parts of the city that are separated by the Musi River. The bridge looks especially beautiful at night when it’s all lit up. Around the bridge there are markets and local restaurants. Not far from the bridge is also Fave Hotel Palembang which probably have some of the best rooms to stay in the city.

The Ampera Bridge

2. Kemaro Island

Kemaro island is actually visible from Ampera Bridge as it’s inside the same river. If you look at it, you’ll realize immediately why it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions of Palembang. The main attraction of the island is the Buddhist monastery Kemaro which is visited every day by monks who pray and make pilgrimages. Another very spectacular part of Kemaro is the towering pagoda which is 9 storeys tall. In addition to the attractions, the island is rich in natural beauty with lots of trees and picturesque parks.

Kemaro Island

3. Punti Kayu Park

The Punti Kayu Park is one of the gorgeous parks of Palembang mentioned earlier. It could easily be compared to a forest thanks to its lush vegetation. It is located close to the city, only 7 km away from Palembang, and is perfect as a getaway close to the city. A favourite of families who love to enjoy a sunny day at the park. In addition to the natural areas, the park also has facilities to accommodate tourists as well as a zoo. This means that visitors can engage in multiple different activities such as swimming, canoe, horseback riding and other sports that take place in the park. There’s a fee to enter the park which is 5,000 Rupiah(the local coin). It is definitely worth the fee if you spend a big time of your day there.

Punti Kayu Park

4. Masjid Cheng Ho

Masjid Cheng Ho, also known as the symbol of peace, is a very unique and historical mosque. The reason being, Cheng Ho Mosque has been greatly influenced by Chinese culture, to the point that it stands out from the rest of the temples. In recent times, Cheng Ho Mosque is more of a tourist attraction than a sacred place of worship. Needless to say it’s a favourite among travelers for its architecture. People who visit from all over the world are in awe in front of it.

Mesjid Cheng Ho

5. Pura Agung Sriwijaya

Pura Agung Sriwijaya is one of the most popular Hindu temples in Indonesia and shares the same name as the city’s biggest soccer team. Red and white are the colours that reign within the temple, highlighting its profound architecture.

Pura Agung Sriwijaya


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